Archive | December 2020

Limericks for Locke-down (“I’ll Be Hume for Christmas”)

Covidian plots are ambitious.

Conspiracy thoughts can be vicious. 

We’re searching for truth

In science, forsooth. 

Some theories can really Confucius!

Oh, what should I do during Covid?

Perhaps read a little of Ovid. 

There’s no chance of roamin’ 

So, I’ll stick with the Roman

‘Till sleep grabs a hold of my oyelid. 

Jean-Jacques and Jean-Paul were together– 

John Stuart thrown in for good measure. 

A buggy and nag

Took the boys for a drag

And old Karl left his Marx with the leather.

With lightning a-Soren and thunder,

Descartes and de horse came asunder. 

Foucault could admit

That Lao-Tzu had been hit

But, where’s Waldo, I Kant help but wonder?